Tucker Simon

« The dentist needs to learn that having a fantastic dental technician is an essential part of their practice success. Without good technical work, the dentist is lost »

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Simon is a salesman – please don’t be put off! – an experienced business builder and a people developer. He has operated nationally and internationally with some of the leading dental companies. Starting as a toothbrush salesman and culminating as European Sales Director for Kerr, he has worked and lived in the UK, USA and Switzerland visiting dental practices in dozens of countries. As well as helping dental practices, Simon also acts as consultant and advisor to many dental businesses. Since 2016, he has been CEO of Dental Sky Wholesaler Ltd.

Having spent more than 36 years working with and observing dentists and dental technicians, Simon has built a wide knowledge of the inner workings of successful dental practices. By watching what you currently do, Simon builds a training programme to fit your exact needs, and works with you and your whole team so that you each become much more comfortable and effective with ‘sales’ and deliver a fabulous patient experience. Simon is married to Christine and has a grown up son and daughter. His only claim to fame is that he appeared on the BBC Children’s programme, “Why don’t you…” in 1973.

Everything is done for your sake,” the leaders say. “Everything is done for a better future,” say the politicians of every side!

Within this climate, we have decided to introduce you an another “man”, a “myth” of dental marketing, a great man who has set his mind at the service of answers to long and eternal questions.

Today, this simple gentleman, who is not only interested in telling his discoveries but also associating them with his philosophy of life, speaks in the toothnews.gr and gives answers which concerning all of us: The developing of our dental or dental technician process. Enjoy him!

Dental science and dental technology are evolving very quickly. How should we deal with it in order not to overtake us?
You need to follow the trends, but also seek advice from colleagues. Not all new innovations are good and it is wise to test and discuss before committing. Form a study club and have the suppliers come and demonstrate their new technologies to you.

Which are your impressions of the seminars you have done in Greece and Cyprus with dentists and dental technicians?
I really enjoy working in Greece and Cyprus. Everyone is very friendly, and I have a lot of fun. Most importantly, everyone takes the workshops seriously and they work very hard to learn and develop their knowledge/skills. That makes it much easier and more enjoyable for me – It’s a pleasure to work with such dynamic groups

How much necessary is in a business – dentistry / dental laboratory – the use of marketers and advertising?
It’s not essential, but if you are a small business owner then you either need to hire an assistant to do the ‘business’ work or pay external companies to do it for you. You cannot do everything yourself, there isn’t time.

There are many, small advertising agencies that can help or you could perhaps find a marketing student who wants to work part-time to earn some money.

Should hire a specialist or with a few seminars can be better organized and increase turnover?
Definitely attending business and marketing seminars is useful and will help. However, every business needs expertise in many areas.

As I said above; no small business owner can be the main producer, marketing manager, finance manager, human resource manager, purchasing manager etc. – It is cost effective to hire a professional business manager to take care of the business and then concentrate on being a very good dental technician or dentist.

At a last seminar with dental technicians in Athens, you suggested to work with doctors who understand the process they offer and don’t retreat because of finances. Can it be done in the period of economic crisis that our country is going through?
Yes, it most certainly can.

The dentist needs to learn that having a fantastic dental technician is an essential part of their practice success. Without good technical work, the dentist is lost.

The dentist needs to charge the patient whatever fee the technician charges them. They should say to the patient that their fee is for the clinical work and the second part is for the technical work and show them the two separate fees.

Even in a crisis, there are still enough patients willing to pay for good quality dentistry – If you offer three levels of choice to patients, e.g. economy, standard and superior, most will choose standard and many will choose superior.

If the dental technician lowers his/her prices then it undervalues the skill and effort they put in to their work.

Nobody would ask a heart surgeon for a discount!

Do you choose customers or you are chosen by customers?
It’s both. Customers that choose you because of your skill and reputation are the best. However, if you have customers that treat you badly and don’t pay you on time you need to delete them from your customer list.

If there are customers you would like to have as clients, they you must approach them and try to win their business.

Tell us the perfect recipe for success in the dental office and dental laboratory. Does exist?

  • The number one rule is to meet with your clients/patients and listen carefully to their needs, wants and desire.
  • Hire a good assistant who can run the business side of things.

Thank you for your time!

I appreciate the time you took to interview me.