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« In the modern dental practice, photography can help a lot »

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I thought a lot what the next interview would be better to put in the Dentist Portal I met before two months in Athens a person which maybe in many of you is stranger. In others is known as the Rumanian who conquers the space of dentistry worldwide.

Ladies and gentlemen Mr. Miladinov Milos DTG.

He is Ceramist & Photographer. One of the greatest photographers in all of dentistry. He changes the simple routine to passion with his camera. He has many fans on the world.

A human resource at the service of dentistry and all the people who search the best. We are honored to host in our popular column ”INTERVIEWS” Milos Miladinov. Enjoy our conversation!

Tell us how did you started your career and how become known outside Romania, in all the world would say.

My career as dental technician started in 2003 when I opened my laboratory. My passion and after that my career as photographer specialized in dental photography started when I have made some photos for my work and even if I was very glad with what I have made, after seeing the photo I was capable to see the mistakes. That was the moment when I realized the importance of the photography in my work as dental technician.

You are internationally known as a dental photographer. How easy is it to be as cool as you show? I would add stubborn and a perfectionist?

Yes, I am internationally known because I have lectured a lot of dental photography courses all around the world. My students were great and I am thankful to them for appreciating my work before, during and after the course.

I would not say about me that I am a cool person, maybe popular, because when I think at the word “cool” I imagine a guy who has everything he wants, has no stress and no projects, just enjoying his great life. My life is not like that, I am a very busy person, I travel a lot, really a lot, I have a laboratory to manage, I created a brand of products, the first brand of products for dental photography, which now is expanding all around the world, I have started a big construction, a big clinic and a training center, I have a really nice family with whom I like to spend all my little free time and of course many other projects. So if this means cool, I am almost the coolest guy ever.

For your second question I like to believe that I am a perfectionist guy. But also I change my direction when I fell or see that something is not as I want. So I think this aspect cannot make me a stubborn.

To become a dental photographer simply you need a camera and everything is automatic? Do you think that social media have made all of us photographers?

For making good photos you need the right equipment, but for becoming a photographer it is need to have certain knowledge about photography, about settings and the rules of shooting. Photography is a domain that gets every day more and more fans, because it gives amazing results if it is made correctly.

I think that the social media increased our taste for photography and showed us that it is an easy way for express ourselves and our work or just a method to keep our memories.

What kind of pictures your “album” is full of?

It depends on the album, most of them are regarding my work, even if it is about the dental work or my courses of dental photography. But like any other person who has a great family I have a lot of picture with my wonderful kids and my beautiful wife.

What is difficult in a photo shooting?

For me almost nothing, because photography is a concept made by rules and if you know them and apply them it can not be difficult. The term difficult it depends on the subject that you are shooting. It is not the same if it is a person or a tooth, is not the same if it is a close-up or a cross polarization, is not the same if you are in a photo studio or in a clinic, is not the same if you have natural light or studio light, this are some aspects that can make difficulties for the photographer. But with exercise and training all of them became a reflex.

Women or men are vainer?

Well it depends on the attitude that each person has when is shooted. Men do not like much to be photographed but when they do, they not have big expectation from their photos. The ladies like more to be photographed but they expect to be good looking in the photo, to capture them in the right angle, to mask if it is possible their imperfections and of course to get a copy of the good picture as soon as possible.

Do you consider yourself «portraitist» or photographer?

I consider myself a photographer who makes good portraits.

The self portraits are easy or difficult?

Are much simple, because usually you do that for fun, for capturing a memory or simple because you think that you are looking good in that moment, you are in the right place, often a beautiful spot, and in most of the cases is made with the personal phone which has the settings yet prepared.

What is the feature you love to a person to take pictures?

I do like to do close-ups and portraits. For that I prefer interesting features on somebody’s face, natural attitude and an interesting smile.

Explain us why insist on the marketing of Facebook for dentists?

Because facebook in our days is the main market for publicity. It is not like when you watch TV or listening the radio and you change the post if some commercial is presented. When you scroll your facebook page inevitable you see the posts. Also people search facebook for seeing things, even if it is about common life or products. Everybody use it and is easy to be used, especially for dentists to show their work and cases.

What are your experiences from the first 3 days course you did in Greece?

I have felt really amazing, the organizers did their best, the students were wonderful people and they showed their interest for my work and enjoyed what I have learned them. Greece was also interesting for me because there came from other different parts of the world students and their interest meant a lot for me. Anyway for me Greece is a nice country, with nice people, I usually make one holiday per year here and also have a lot of colleagues here.

Dental photography should be a necessary part of a modern dental practice. And why?

Of course, it is necessary and it started to be used by dentist and technicians from a while. In the modern dental practice, photography can help a lot first because it can represent the image of the dentist or technician’s work and secondly can make a good impression for the future clients who in this way can see a kind of prove about what can be done for him. Also a good image can reveal different aspects of your work, who otherways can not be seen.

About the communication with the dental laboratory and dentists, so the technician can better understand what is asked as about color, tone, density, shape, transparencies and specific morphological characteristics of teeth, is necessary?

Of course, all that you have mentioned is a plus for the technician if the dentist can provide a good picture.

Why are you addressed to the dentists while you coming from the dental technician?

My work as dental photographer address to the entire person who works in medical dentistry, but most of my students are dentists. Indeed I am a dental technician, but I am specialized in dental aesthetics, so I understand both sides, the dentist and the technicians, what they wish to obtain by using dental photography.

You have “dental ” friends in Greece and whom? Do you collaborate with them?

Yes, I have “dental friends” in Greece, persons who follow my work and of course the person who manages to organize for me my dental photography courses, here in your beautiful country. I want to thank here to Cleopatra Nacoupoulos, she did her best at my last course in Athens.

What do you think a photography sells better than a good dental equipment?

If the good dental equipment it is photographed well then yes, it will sell better. Everything that it is photographed correctly will show a nice image for the client, will make him to wish to have it and of course the client will be more secure of what he will receive. But the picture is not everything, in our medical domain I encourage everybody to work professionally, to invest into good equipment, good materials and most important to invest in themselves by participating and going to different courses and trainings.

You have entrance in the commercial part of dentistry, right? Tell us about this decision.

Yes, I have created my brand, a line of products and equipment especially for dental photography. I have started with the book “Shoot like a PRO!” almost a year ago, and after that I continued to add products, some of them as a reseller others made by my design, and in present I have more than 40 articles on my web shop

I took this decision after I realized that there is no place, no store, physical or virtual, specialized for this domain, dental photography. So I did it, it was a success, in almost a year I have found distributors for my products in different countries and they help me with the sales and with the advertising of my brand.

Which countries meet all requirements for the proper operation of dentistry as a science and promote this?

In my opinion almost every country has excellent dentists and technicians capable to manage dentistry as a science. A lot of my colleagues make efforts to support that, by investing in their work and in themselves, after that they share their work, some makes groups and forums for discussing the latest aspects appeared into our domain, others are organizing trainings, conferences and many of them are international. So I think that is not about the country, more important is the person who does that.

Will you come back in Greece?

I was in Greece, in vacation with my family on June. But professionally speaking I think that I will come back in Greece next year. The exact date I do not know for sure, but i will announce that on my website, at the section courses.

What do you do when not traveling?

For making a joke I could say that when I am not traveling I prepare the next travel. But I suppose you refer to the aspects that I do in my free time. Usually I spend time with my family, I go fishing, I play and mix music and of course I am relaxing because than the good ideas came to me.

Thank you for this interest interview and your time. We wish you good luck and many courses in the UglyTooth, which is official ICDE Ivoclar partner for Romania since 2015 and offers best courses for both dentists and dental technicians.
Thank you so much for your wish … I hope to see you soon in Greece!