Bjorn-Owe Aronsson

« B+ surface is a unique opportunity to provide patients who need it the most, with a significantly improved clinical outcome »

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Mr Bjorn-Owe Aronsson is a brilliant researcher and well-known scientist who is constantly looking to provide simple and safe solutions to oral health. You will enjoy him at the 1st MIS DAY in Athens and be sure to be excited.

When he started his collaboration with the MIS company he had stated: “We are very proud of this commercial agreement with MIS, which will allow patients to benefit from the unique combination of a leading quality dental implant and a unique bio-mimicking surface”. had the honor, with the help of the company ΝΕΓΡΙΝ IN DENTAL to contact Mr Bjorn-Owe Aronsson and ask him more details about the topic he will present during MIS DAY and his cooperation with MIS.

Dr. Aronsson, you have a really impressive CV with a vast experience in research and development but not in the dental field. What is your connection with MIS?
Taking physics to medicine has always fascinated me. Early in my career, I got the opportunity to be part of a research team working on the questions “How does Titanium implants integrate in bone? What are the physico-chemical characteristics of the Titanium surface responsible for the interaction with bone?”. As a result of that research came the next questions “How can we change the surface properties to direct and enhance bone growth and integration?”. From these fundamental research questions, we developed the B+ surface, a novel type of organic chemistry, allowing for the Titanium implant surface to become permanently ‘bone-like’ and improve at the same time early osseointegration and long-term stability of the bone-to-implant interface. Especially where it’s the most needed.

MIS uses the slogan “Make It Simple”! In what ways the B+ surface contributes to MIS main philosophy?
The B+ surface, with its bone-like properties have the potential of improving the osseointegration, especially for patients in the high-risk groups, requiring implants in the aesthetic zone where predictable result is important, or patients with lower bone quality, like smokers, or less bone quantity, where every millimeter should be preserved. In such cases, B+ can increase the success without complicating the processes or needing special supplemental treatments.

What will be your special point in your presentation during the MIS day that will cause interest in the audience?
The B+ surface is a third generation implant surface, resulting from over 30 years’ experience in research in the field of osseointegration. The unique characteristics and the over 10 years clinical experience from a Randomized Clinical Trial with the B+ surface has shown an improved outcome with respect to predictability and peri-implantitis.

Thank you Dr. Aronsson for your interesting replies. Is there anything you want to tell to the Greek dentists who will attend the 1st MIS Day in Greece?
B+ surface is a unique opportunity to provide patients who need it the most, with a significantly improved clinical outcome.